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Le Rouge et le Blanc

Strategic and passionate King of Scotland Robert I the Bruce betrayed by Mel Gibson in Braveheart

15 Mai 2014 , Rédigé par Béthune

For as long as one hundred of us shall remain alive, we shall never in any wise consent submit to the rule of the English,, for it is not for glory we fight, nor riches, or for honour, but for freedom alone, which no good man loses but with his life.

King Robert Bruce of Scotland

"In the struggle for independence over the English, Robert the Bruce was the strategic and passionate patriot King of Scotland that grabbed his axe and fought against the English for the freedom of Scotland. Behind him marched thousands of Scottish patriots. He was the leader Scotland deserved and needed.

I wanted to make this documentary about King Robert I the Bruce of Scotland, because after the release of Mel Gibson's Braveheart movie, his name has been dramatically weakened as many took for a fact everything that was displayed in the movie. However, although a beautiful film about William Wallace, it his highly suggestive and historically inacurrate at some points. For example, Wallace never invaded England and captured York. Also, most importantly, Robert never betrayed Wallace. Robert simply stayed quiet during his rebellion because he argued that political power and recognition from other Kingdoms was necissary to truly establish Scotland as a Kingdom again. Braveheart displays Robert as a weak, uncertain and flimsy charachter, when in history, he was far from it. This was the man that truly led Scotland to victory. He deserves more honor and fame and its a shame that his name has been covered with dust."

Source et vidéo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fCsWL3S4Bs


Ce n'est pas la première fois que Mel Gibson se prête à une grave désinformation politique:

"Dans les années 1980, Hollywood tourna un film avec Mel Gibson accréditant la version officielle de Suharto que le 30 septembre 1965 était un coup d'état communiste. Sélectionné à Cannes, le film rapporte plus de 10 millions de dollars au box office américain (0,2 pour The Act of Killing...)."



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