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Le Rouge et le Blanc

Gnosticism: a religion for the NWO (Servando Gonzalez)

15 Mars 2016 , Rédigé par Béthune

[...] The program for the social and mental transformation of the masses developed by the SRI experts does not overlooks any aspect. For example, in the Introduction the report mentions the need “to explore more deeply the enormous significance that emerging changes in psychosexual norms and premises have for the future society,”[18] The producers of the document also mention their belief that Christianity is one of the major obstacles for the creation of a new “ecological thinking.”

So, if some Christian leaders for many years have been convinced that there is a conspiracy to destroy Christianity,[19] it is simply because the conspiracy actually exists.

Conscious that the best tool against a religion is another religion, the SRI study analyzed several religions that would be desirable as a substitute to Christianity. Obviously, to them at the time of the study neither Christianity, nor Judaism or Islam had anything good to offer. Therefore, the authors of the report made a subtle apology of an almost forgotten religion, which in fact is an ancient Christian minority, called Gnosticism.

Before continuing with this analysis of the SRI study, it is important to know that the CFR conspirators do not support any political ideology or profess any religious belief. If sometimes they have supported fascism, communism, Darwinism or atheism, it is just because at that particular time they had used it to carry out their secret agenda. But, when the need comes, they change ideologies like snakes shed their skin. So, if they decided to promote Gnosticism it was just because they believed it was the ideology more suitable to use as a spearhead against Christianity. But, why Gnosticism?

Gnosticism was the name adopted for a religious mixture of Christianity and pagan mysticism that flourished in the first centuries of the Christian era in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Gnosticism was a synthesis of ancient Babylonian, Hindu, Egyptian and Zoroastrian beliefs. In the Middle Ages the Catholic Church declared Gnosticism a heresy. Contrary to Christians, Gnostics believed that every human being had a God within. Eventually, the Catholic Church fought back and destroyed the Gnostic movement. But Gnosticism didn’t die. It went underground, and has been kept alive enmeshed in the beliefs of Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Sufis and New Agers.

Gnostics believed that the material world was not only a distraction and an illusion, but also that it was essentially evil. This explains why the conspirators choose Gnosticism as the religion for the upcoming serfs of the future society they envision. Gnosticism is the religious belief that will lead the masses to accept like sheeple without complaints the moral and material misery of the coming communo-fascist society the conspirators call the New World Order. [...]


18. Markley and Harman, ibid.

19. See, i.e., the special issue of December 2005 of Whistleblower magazine devoted to the subject of Criminalizing Christianity.


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