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Rouge et Blanc, ou le Fil d'Ariane d'un voyageur naturaliste

It is dangerous for tohunga Pakeha to share tapu knowledge with tutuaa

16 Février 2014 , Rédigé par Béthune


Io, Io-matua-kore, Io-taketake, Io the parentless, Io the root foundation of all things.


The Reverend Maori Marsden tells of a discussion he held with some of his elders on his return from the Second World War. He was talking about the war and in particular about the atom bomb. One elder asked him to explain the difference between the atom bomb and an ordinary bomb. Maori Marsden took the word hihiri, which means pure energy, and to quote Maori: "Here I recalled Einstein's concept of the real world behind the natural world as being comprised of 'rythmical patterns of pure energy', and said to him that this was essentially the same concept. He then exclaimed "Do you mean to tell me that the Pakeha scientists (tohunga Pakeha) have managed to rend the fabric (kahu) of the universe?" I said "Yes." "I suppose they shared their knowledge with the tutuaa (politicians)?" "Yes." "But do they know how to sew (tuitui) it back together again?" "No!" "That's the trouble with sharing such 'tapu' knowledge. Tutuaa will always abuse it".


This story gives some insight into the Maori understanding of Io as well as one explanation of why the knowledge of Io has been held by a few and not disclosed to everybody.




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