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Reforesting Scotland

19 Juillet 2015 , Rédigé par Béthune

The Reforesting Scotland vision

Scotland was once a well-forested country with a culture tied closely to trees and woodlands. Now much of the forest has been lost and enviornmental pressures, including climate change, threaten what remains. But Reforesting Scotland believes that it is not too late to reverse this situation.

Our vision

Our vision is for Scotland to have a well-forested and productive landscape as well as a culture which values the contribution that trees and woods bring to our lives. Since its beginnings in 1991, Reforesting Scotland has helped bring about a transformation in the way we, as a nation, view Scotland’s forest resource and the level to which communities have become involved in managing their local woodlands.

Our aims

Reforesting Scotland aims to:

    Promote a sustainable forest culture and economy in a well-forested land
    Develop the use of locally-produced forest goods and services
    Encourage social and ecological restoration in forests and in wider land use
    Raise awareness of the benefits of low-energy living based on woodland resources
    Place the Scottish forestry situation in an international context



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