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Rouge et Blanc, ou le Fil d'Ariane d'un voyageur naturaliste

Pluralities of Governance in the Russian Arctic by Florian Stammler and Aytalina Ivanova

8 Novembre 2016 , Rédigé par POC

Under what pretext can oil, natural gas, coal, gold, and diamonds be extracted from under the permafrost on indigenous reindeer pastures or hunting and fishing grounds? Like most nation-states, Russia passed federal legislation that authorizes extractivism, a pattern of domination that has been brought to bear on the indigenous people who live off of these lands. Despite the existence of an ostensibly unified legal system, indigenous people and extractive industry engage with the land’s resources very differently. Comparing plural regulatory regimes can help us to understand the process of domination that Stephen Reyna and Andrea Behrends (2011) identify as a key determinant of conflict around resource extraction. The social life of the law within each region is entangled with local legal traditions, worldviews, and practices of deference to local authorities. Through anthropological analysis, we demonstrate how indigenous regulatory systems, hierarchies, and governmentalities shape the social life of extractive industries in the Russian Arctic, even though federal law in principle applies identically to Russia’s remotest corners.


Lisez ici la suite de l'article: https://culanth.org/fieldsights/937-pluralities-of-governance-in-the-russian-arctic

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