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Good news: COVID -19 IS A SCAM

18 Octobre 2020 , Rédigé par The Red and the White Publié dans #Opération Coronavirus

Commentaire d'un lecteur de l'article de C.J. Hopkin: The Covidian Cult


5. onebornfree says: • Website

Good news? 

I’ve been wearing a hand painted [by me] , in large bright red letters:” COVID -19 IS A SCAM” , black tee-shirt and matching hand-painted mask, on a more or less daily basis for the last 8 weeks. [The mask I only wear when I have to enter a store with an idiotic “masks are mandatory” policy.]

To date, much to my surprise, 38 people have stopped me and said ” I agree” or similar, and only 4 have said “you’re wrong” or similar, [one large Australian male halfwit has been the only person threatening me with violence to date – he got really mad- I just gave him the finger and didn’t argue- eventually he fucked off. 

Of the agreers, perhaps the most notable was a cop who was driving by me on a main road as I waited for a bus. He slowed to a stop and I thought “Oh-oh, what’s he going to book me for, no mask?”, then he lowered his passenger side window [he wasn’t wearing a mask, as required locally], and said “I agree”. I said “Huh?”. He said “your shirt, I agree with the message”. I was shocked and happy at the same time.

My conclusion: there are many out there , [perhaps a majority?]who know that the whole thing is a scam, they just don’t let everyone know. It’s the silent majority phenomena all over again, perhaps.

Regards, onebornfree

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