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An Interview With Dr. Vandana Shiva: ‘The Evolved Mind Sees Earth as One Family’ (Children's Health Defense)

23 Avril 2022 , Rédigé par Pierre-Olivier Combelles Publié dans #Agriculture, #Asie, #Environnement, #Inde, #Nature, #Philosophie, #Santé, #Vandana Shiva

An Interview With Dr. Vandana Shiva: ‘The Evolved Mind Sees Earth as One Family’ (Children's Health Defense)


In an interview with The Defender, environmental champion Dr. Vandana Shiva shared her perspective on how the degradation of the planet can be reversed by returning to traditional organic farming practices and compassionate community organization.


Shiva’s understanding of economics and corporate greed is grounded in her knowledge of quantum physics. Her description of the cause and effect of materialistic aggression represents a unification theory, detailing the elements of human degradation.
She described this destructive behavior:
“The very idea of thinking you are separate from, and superior to others is a thinking of petty minds. And petty minds create conflicts. Petty minds have the urge to take what belongs to others. It creates the limitlessness of wanting to own more and more.
“And that to me is the disease that has allowed the 1% to emerge. It’s the disease that allowed the techno-barons of today to harvest $1.5 trillion while ordinary people lost $3.4 trillion during the lockdowns and the COVID crisis.”
Shiva’s knowledge of history is based on her analysis of economic and psychological dysfunction. She spoke about a syndrome that has allowed an eclipse of compassion:
“When you’re disconnected and you’ve put owning first, you objectify the others; you made women your property, you made indigenous people your slaves, you made Mother Earth your private property. All of this then allows you simultaneously to give freedom to harm.
“I would call it moral anesthesia. If I’m living, then I’ll feel the pain of everything around me. But if I’m anesthetized by greed, by power, I will not feel that pain. So in a way, the rich and powerful are living under the anesthesia of cruelty.”
Coming from her critical understanding of a world dominated by greed, Shiva’s desire to heal the planet embraces the creative paradigms lost to much of the modern world.




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