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Le Rouge et le Blanc, ou le Fil d'Ariane d'un voyageur naturaliste

Etre humain ou esclave, République ou Empire? (Jürgen Elsässer/Horizons et Débats)

14 Octobre 2009 , Rédigé par Pierre-Olivier Combelles

Etre humain ou esclave, République ou Empire?

Du Saint-Empire romain germanique au "meilleur des mondes" du nouvel ordre mondial

par Jürgen Elsässer

Horizons et Débats (Zurich, CH) 14 octobre 2009



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Anima Christi (Duse Kristova) - Vox imperfecta

7 Octobre 2009 , Rédigé par Pierre-Olivier Combelles Publié dans #religion

La célèbre prière attribuée à St Ignace de Loyola est interprétée en 2005, dans une incomparable composition anonyme (ou de P. Větrovec ?), par le choeur "Vox imperfecta", dans l'église de l'Assomption de la Vierge Marie, à Pilsen  (République tchèque).

Anima Christi, sanctifica me.

Corpus Christi, salva me.

Sanguis Christi, inebria me.

Aqua lateris Christi, lava me.

Passio Christi, conforta me.

O bone Jesu, exaudi me.

Intra tua vulnera absconde me.

Ne permittas me separari a te.

Ab hoste maligno defende me.

In hora mortis meae voca me,

Et jube me venire ad te,

Ut cum Sanctis tuis laudem te

In saecula saeculorum.



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Alexander Dugin: Ideology of the World Government (Arctogaia, 1998)

7 Octobre 2009 , Rédigé par Pierre-Olivier Combelles




Alexander Dugin

Ideology of the World Government



"Perversion must enter the world, but misfortune for those through whose efforts it will come." (Evangile)




After the Gulf War, almost all mass media outlets in Russia, as well as in the West, injected into the common speak the formula "New World Order," coined by George Bush, and then used by other politicians including Gorbachev and Yeltsin. The New World Order, based on the establishment of a One World Government, as has been candidly admitted by ideologists of the Trilateral Commission and Bildenburg, is not simply a question of politico-economic domination of a certain "occult" ruling clique of international bankers. This "Order" bases itself on the victory on a global scale of a certain special ideology, and so the concept concerns not only instruments of power, but also "ideological revolution," a "coup d'etat" consciousness, "new thinking." Vagueness of formulations, constant secretiveness and cautiousness, deliberate mysteriousness of the mondialists do not allow, until the last moment, to clearly discern the contour of this new ideology, which they decided to impose on the peoples of the world. And only after Iraq, as if following somebody's orders, certain bans were take off and multiple publications appeared, which began to call things by their own names. So, let us try, on the basis of analysis conducted by a group of employees of the editorial board of "Elements," to, in the most general terms, define the basics of the ideology of the New World Order.


The New World Order represents in itself an eschatological, messianic project, much exceeding in scope other historical forms of planetary utopias - such as the early protestant movement in Europe, the Arab Khalifate, or communist plans for a World Revolution. Perhaps, these utopian projects served as preludes to the final form of mondialism, trials which tested integrational mechanisms, effectiveness of command structures, ideological priorities, methods in tactics, etc. Taking this aside, contemporary mondialism, absorbing the experience of protestantism, eschatological heresies, communist revolutions, and geopolitical cataclysms of distant centuries, has sharpened its final formulations, finally determining what was pragmatic and incidental in previous forms, and what really composed the base tendency of history on the road to New World Order. After an entire sequence of vacillations, ambiguities, pragmatic steps and tactical black-outs, contemporary mondialism has finally formulated its fundamental principles regarding the pressing situation. These principles can be assigned to four levels:


1. Economical: the ideology of the New World Order presupposes a complete and mandatory establishment of the liberal capitalist market system all over the planet, with no regard to cultural and ethnic regions. All socio-economic systems carrying elements of "socialism," "social or national justice," "social protection" must be completely destroyed and turned into societies of "absolutely free market." All past flirtations of mondialism with "socialist" models are coming to a complete halt, and market liberalism is becoming the single economic dominant on the planet, ruled by the World Government.


2. Geopolitical: the ideology of the New World Order gives unconditional preference to countries comprising geographical and historical West in contrast to countries of the East. Even in the case of a relatively Western location of one country or another, it will always be favoured in comparison with its neighbor to the east. The previously implemented scheme of geopolitical alliance of the West with the East against the Center (for example, capitalist West together with communist Russia against national- socialist Germany) is no longer in use by contemporary mondialism. Geopolitical priority of Western orientation is becoming absolute.


3. Ethnic: the ideology of the New World Order insists on utmost racial, national, ethnic, and cultural intermixing of peoples, giving preference to cosmopolitism of large cities. National and mini-national movements, used earlier by the mondialists in their fight against "greater nationalism" of the imperial type, will be decisively suppressed, as there will be no place left for them in this Order. On all levels, national politics of the World Government will be oriented towards intermixing, cosmopolitism, melting pot, and so forth.


4. Religious: the ideology of the New World Order is preparing the coming into the world of a certain mystical figure, the appearance of which, is supposed to sharply change the religious-ideological scene on the planet. Ideologists of mondialism are themselves convinced that what is meant by this is the coming into the world of Moshiah, the Messiah who will unveil laws of a new religion to humanity and will perform many miracles. The era of pragmatic use of atheist, rationalist, and materialist doctrines by mondialists is over. Now, they are proclaiming the coming of an epoch of "new religiosity."


This is exactly the picture emerging from an analysis of latest revelations by ideologists of the Tripartite Commission, Bildenburg Club, the American Council on Foreign Relations, and other authors, intellectually servicing international mondialism on very different levels - beginning with "neo- spiritualism" and ending with concrete economical and structural designs of pragmatic technocrats. Careful study of these four levels of the ideology of the World Government is a concern of many serious research projects and works, a part of which, we hope, will appear on the pages of following volumes of "Elements." But we would like to focus on several aspects right now. Firstly, it is important to note that this ideology cannot be qualified as being either "right" or "left." More than that, within it exists an essential and conscious superposition of two layers, relating to polar political realities. The New World Order is radically and rigidly "rightist" on the economic level, as it assumes absolute primacy of private property, completely free markets, and triumph of individualistic appetites in the economic sphere. Simultaneously, the New World Order is radically and rigidly "leftist" on the cultural-political front, since the ideology of cosmopolitism, intermixing, ethical liberalism traditionally belongs in the category of "leftist" political priorities. This combination of the economic "right" with the ideological "left" serves as the conceptual axis of contemporary mondialist strategy, a basis for the design of the coming civilization. This ambiguity is manifested even in the very term "liberalism," which, on the economical level stands for "absolutely free markets," but on the ideological level calls for a "mild ideology of permissiveness." Today, we can justifiably assert that the World Government will base its dictatorship not on some typical model of "totalitarian tyranny," but on principles of "liberalism." Revealingly, it is in this very case that the terrible eschatological parody called New World Order, will be perfected and completed.


Secondly, the West, standing at the head of geopolitical theories of the New World Order as the hemisphere where the Sun, Sun of History, sets, takes on the role of both a strategic and a cultural model. In the course of the last stage of realization of mondialist projects, natural symbolism must completely concur with geopolitical symbolism, and the complexity of preceding geopolitical bloc construction, manoeuvres, ans political alliances, which mondialists used earlier to reach their goals, now gives way to a crystal clear geopolitical logic, which even a simpleton is able to comprehend. Thirdly, Moshiah, whose coming the far-flung mondialist institutions are supposed to facilitate, is, from the point of view of such diverse religious tendencies as Orthodox Christianity and Islam, clearly and without any doubt associated with the sinister figure of Antichrist. As follows from the very logic of apocalyptic drama, in the course of the last struggle, the clash will occur not between the Sacred and the profane, nor between Religion and atheism, but between Religion and pseudo-religion. That is why Moshiah of the World Government is not simply a "cultural project," new "social myth," or "grotesque utopia," but is something much more serious, real, terrible. It is completely obvious that opponents of mondialism and enemies of the New World Order (staff members of "Elements" count themselves among these) must take on a radically negative position in respect to this ideology. This means that it is necessary to counter the World Government and its plans with an alternative ideology, formulated by negating the doctrine of the New World Order.


The ideology radically opposed to mondialism can also be described on four levels.


1. Economical: priority of social justice, social protection, and "communal," national factor in the system of production and distribution.


2. Geopolitical: a clear orientation towards the East and solidarity with the easternmost geopolitical sectors in considering territorial conflicts, and so forth.


3. Ethnic: allegiance to national, ethnic, and racial traditions and traits of peoples and states, with a special preference for "greater nationalism" of the imperial type in contrast to mini-nationalisms with separatist tendencies.


4. Religious: devotion to original and traditional religious forms - most importantly, Orthodox Christianity and Islam, which clearly identify "new religiosity," New World Order, and Moshiah with the most sinister player in the eschatological drama, the Antichrist (Dadjal in Arabic.)


Anti-mondialist ideological warfare front must also combine in itself elements of "leftist" and "rightist" ideologies, but we must be "rightist" in political terms (in other words, "nationalists," "traditionalists," etc.) and "leftist" in the economical sphere (in other words, supporters of social justice, "socialism," etc.) In fact, this very combination is not just a conventional and arbitrary political program, but a necessary condition in this stage of the struggle. Geopolitical priority of the East makes it incumbent upon us to completely renounce different "anti-asian" biases, at times held by the Russian Right under the influence of a bad and completely untimely example of the European Right. "Anti-asianism" plays only into the hands of the New World Order. And, finally, allegiance to the Church, the teachings of Holy Fathers, Orthodox Christianity is a necessary and most important element of anti- mondialist struggle, since the substance and meaning of this struggle is in choosing True God, the "right side," the "blessed part." And noone will be able to save us from false charm, sin, temptation, death on this terrible journey, except for the Son of God. We must become His host, His army, His servants, and His missionaries. World Government is the last rebellion of the nether world against the Divine. Short will be the instant of their triumph. Eternal will be the joy of those who will join the ranks of "last fighters for Truth and Freedom in God."


The True Judge will "come unexpectedly."




Translated by Victor Olevich





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L'itinéraire de Michel de Castelbajac, protoprêtre orthodoxe français

2 Octobre 2009 , Rédigé par Pierre-Olivier Combelles Publié dans #religion



— "Père Michel, on dit en Russie que la société occidentale est dominée par une conscience laïque. Est-ce vrai ? Pourriez-vous qualifier votre pays de catholique ?


— Non. Hélas, la France est véritablement un pays athée. L’Eglise ici n’a aucune influence. C’est justement pour cela que se développent ici des religions qui ne sont pas traditionnelles pour les Français. Le chemin que j’ai parcouru est aujourd’hui assez typique. Il témoigne de la crise que traverse notre société.

Vous savez, j’ai beaucoup appris dans mon enfance en travaillant dans les champs. Il est écrit dans la Bible que Dieu maudit Adam en lui disant que l’homme gagnera son pain à la sueur de son front. Mais pour celui qui a appris à apprécier son labeur cela devient une bénédiction. Par cette sueur l’homme se rapproche de Dieu. Si l’homme ne pense qu’au moyen de gagner plus, il devient malheureux. Ces pensées nourrissent l’orgueil et l’égoïsme, et plus il y a d’égoïsme, plus l’homme est malheureux. A cause de lui nous croupissons dans notre solitude.

Les gens sont seuls dans la foule, seuls dans la vie. Ils ne font pas confiance à l’Eglise catholique, et en même temps ils ont un extrême besoin d’être soutenus. Aussi, ils se mettent à chercher ce qui pourrait les consoler, comme je le fis moi-même.

En outre, nombreux sont ceux qui, en " vol libre ", passent d’une religion à l’autre, sans trouver la vraie voie. C’est pourquoi, me semble-t-il, la tâche principale des Russes qui vivent aujourd’hui en France est de confesser l’orthodoxie. Ce sont vraiment vos compatriotes qui peuvent partager aux autres leur foi salvatrice.

Il y a quarante ans, lorsque je me convertis, c’était une autre époque. Mes proches ne savaient pas ce que signifiaient le mot " Orthodoxie ", mon père pensait que c’était un groupe de musique. Mais aujourd’hui n’importe quel Français qui s’intéresse à la religion est parfaitement informé de l’existence de l’Eglise orthodoxe. Beaucoup veulent en savoir plus sur elle. S’ils sont rares à fréquenter les églises orthodoxes, c’est, permettez-moi, la faute des Russes. Ils font de l’Orthodoxie leur propriété nationale, et n’accueillent pas volontiers les étrangers. Je me souviens qu’un jour, ma fille arriva dans un monastère orthodoxe. Quelqu’un, l’ayant entendu parler, lui demanda : " Pourquoi êtes-vous ici ? Vous êtes pourtant Française !". Le pauvre fut bien réprimandé par l’ami russe qui accompagnait ma fille…

"L’orthodoxie est une religion universelle, qui existe pour tout homme sur terre. Refuser à quelqu’un d’être orthodoxe à cause de sa nationalité est un péché.

Le Christ est le même pour tous. Il nous unit. Dans ce sens, il n’y a pas, dans l’Eglise, de nationalité.


— Et vous, qu’est-ce qui vous relie personnellement à la Russie et comment la voyez-vous aujourd’hui ?

— Vous savez, notre famille est liée à l’histoire de votre pays. Il suffit de dire que l’un de mes ancêtres fut le seul étranger qui reçut la Croix de Saint André des mains mêmes du tsar. Monsieur de Castelbajac était ambassadeur de France en Russie peu de temps avant la guerre de Crimée des années 1853-56. Il fit tout son possible pour éviter ce conflit, écrivit au gouvernement, tentant de montrer que déclarer la guerre à la Russie était un crime. Un beau jour il fut convoqué auprès de l’empereur Nicolas 1er. Le souverain lui dit : " La guerre aura lieu de toute façon, nous ne pouvons l’éviter. Mais je veux vous récompenser personnellement "…

La Russie me semble un pays fantastique ! Un exemple étonnant de ce que le Seigneur éprouve ceux qu’il aime. Comme dans le proverbe : " seul un vrai père bat son fils ". Car Dieu n’éprouve pas pour se venger ni inspirer la crainte. C’est une façon d’éduquer, de nous arrêter ou nous enseigner, nous les hommes.

Ainsi toutes les difficultés et tragédies auxquelles la Russie a été et sera confrontée confirment que vous vivez dans un pays élu de Dieu.

Regardez le vingtième siècle en Russie. Les guerres sanglantes et les révolutions, le pouvoir athée et les persécutions de l’Eglise ont donné au monde une foule de nouveaux saints. C’est justement grâce à leurs prières que la Russie est libre aujourd’hui."


(Traduction: Myriam Odaysky)

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Pouchkine, poète de l'âme russe

2 Octobre 2009 , Rédigé par Pierre-Olivier Combelles

" Comment réunir les deux moitiés béantes de l’âme russe, comment refaire ce paradis perdu de la gentilhommière russe où le noble cultive, qui reçoit la revue Le Télégraphe de Moscou, et y lit le poème de Pouchkine sur " la charrette de la vie ", menait une vie proche du paysan, était un bon père pour ses serfs, et tous vivent en symbiose, et s’embrassent sur le parvis de l’église pour le Dimanche du Pardon qui précède le Grand Carême, et marque l’entrée de l‘homme russe dans une autre vie, pure et belle, nettoyée du péché ? "

(Georges Nivat, préface du catalogue de l'exposition "Trésors du Siècle d’Or russe de Pouchkine à Tolstoï", Fondation Martin Bodmer, Genève, 2009)


Nous, Français de la Vieille France, de la Sainte France, comme nous comprenons bien cela!

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