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Rouge et Blanc, ou le Fil d'Ariane d'un voyageur naturaliste

Parler aux animaux

8 Avril 2016 , Rédigé par Pierre-Olivier Combelles

Parler aux animaux

"Si tu parles aux animaux, ils te parleront, et vous apprendrez à vous connaître. Si tu ne leur parles pas, tu ne les connaîtras pas, et ne les connaissant pas, tu en auras peur. Et ce dont on a peur, on le détruit."

Chef Dan George.

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Conspiraphobia (Servando Gonzalez)

4 Avril 2016 , Rédigé par POC

Conspiraphobia: An irrational fear of plausible conspiracy theories.


Some people who fear exposure of their wrongdoings have created discussion-stopping words to threaten and silence their critics: Zionists coined the word “anti-Semite,” militant blacks use the term “racist,” militant gays coined the word “homophobe,” and, more recently, Repucrats have been successfully using the term “conspiracy theorist” to silence their critics.

What most people ignore, however, is that the use of discussion-stopping words is one of the characteristics of totalitarian regimes. In Nazi Germany dissidents were called “vermin,” and I remember that in Castro’s totalitarian paradise, being called “gusano [worm] was the first step to being fired from your job and eventually ending up doing hard labor in a “reeducation” concentration camp.

Here in America, supposedly the land of free speech, asking a “conservative” Republican about an explanation for the collapse of WTC building 7, or asking a “liberal” Democrat about the failure to protect Americans in Benghazi, immediately gains you the for-life label of “conspiracy theorist,” — which still does not convert you into an internee in a concentration camp — at least not yet. But I am sure it puts you in a secret list of potential internees. [...]

Human-caused events of certain type —particularly the ones detrimental to a large segment of the population, but beneficial to a small, powerful clique — which are consistently repeated over and over, are most likely not the result of chance, stupidity, or incompetence, but of a well organized conspiracy.

Conspiraphobia Runs Rampant in Both Branches of the Repucratic Party

By Servando Gonzalez
November 21, 201



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