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Leonid Ivashov: A look at the monopolar world

26 Novembre 2009 , Rédigé par Pierre-Olivier Combelles

A single look at the monopolar world is all it takes to understand that this is a road into a blind alley

Ferghana.ru (Moscou)
Central Asia news


Interview extrêmement intéressante, comme toutes les déclarations du général Ivashov, Vice-président de l'Académie des problèmes géopolitiques et  qui était, rappelons-le, chef d'Etat-major des armées russes au moment des attentats du 11 septembre.



L.I. (...) "Russia made a mistake when it proclaimed integration into the Western community, an absolutely alien civilization, as its objective. (Moreover, it even stimulated other post-Soviet countries into making the same mistake.) They will never accept us there - as equals or subjects. We will never really belong."

Leonid Ivashov: "Russia has a long way to go yet before it finally realizes that it can only count on the post-Soviet zone in politics, economic matters, and social sphere. Spiritual closeness, even unity, should be at the core of all processes of integration. Restoration of spiritual closeness is number one task. Unfortunately, the emphasis is mostly made on economic relations nowadays."

L.I. (...) "Science and the great culture had a major setback. We ourselves impoverish our peoples with political stupidity and inconsiderate decisions.

Islamic and Orthodox Christian (Slav) civilizations united in a common Eurasian civilization are known for the priority of the spiritual over the material. There are certain laws in geopolitics, and the law of space control is one of them. The term "space" denotes spiritual, cultural, and scientific space as well. Should Russia withdraw from it, this space will be immediately filled with a foreign culture, foreign religion, science, and tradition.

Western scientists themselves admit that Western civilization is dying, that the liberal free-market economy is rubbish that does not have a future. Hence the necessity to look for our own project, for something that will blend together economy and everyday life on the one hand and national traditions on the other. We've lost a great deal of things. We need to regain them.

Ferghana.Ru: Would you say that the Shanghai Organization of Cooperation is such a project of geopolitical consolidation?

Leonid Ivashov: This whole structure was our idea, idea of the Academy of Geopolitical Sciences. A look at the monopolar world convinced us that this is a road into a blind alley, a cul-de-sac where one model of economy, state, and political system is forced on everyone.

All of that was being done to enable the strongest (first and foremost America and the global financial elite or mafia, whatever you choose to call it) to buy resources, labor, and brains cheap. In other words, to enable them to deprive countries of their sovereignty. It was necessary to offer competition on the global level to return the world to the normal state.

Another center of power was needed as a means of curbing America's appetites. No country alone - not even China - can be such a center. It could be provided within the framework of the Shanghai Organization of Cooperation, a harmonious alliance of four civilizations."
Ferghana.Ru: Is restoration of the USSR possible ?
Leonid Ivashov: I believe that we are fated to be together - but probably in some different form. Say, as an union of independant states. A common state is no longer possible. All post-Soviet countries have their national elites now that will certainly want to retain their positions of power."

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